Sunday, 1 October 2017

inktober2017 day 1 A is for Axe

My aims for #inktober2017 is to try and improve my inking, maybe tighten up the way I get things done, and investigate some alternative approaches.

I'm quite stuck in my ways, I draw the thing in pencil, ink over it with Copic Ciao markers and Pigma Micron Graphic pens, then photograph it on my phone and import that photo into Photoshop elements 10. Sometimes when iCloud is behaving this is quite quick, other times I have to sync my phone, or email the image to myself.
Once in Photoshop elements I rotate the image, stick it into Black and White mode, and clean up. Once the clean up is done I'll reduce the size of the image and then export it.

So here's a couple of short videos about how that process works. I'll do the same at the end of October and see how I've improved :)

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