Sunday, 30 July 2017

Ludum Dare 39 Hungry Sharks

Dom nagged me to join in with the Ludum Dare 39 Game Jam this weekend. He is making some weird fighty game with Gamemaker. I decided I'd try and have a go with Defold, as alongside Ludum Dare, and beyond it runs the Corona-Defold Jam.

I like Corona, but because I'm an irregular user I kept getting bypassed by updates.
I tried Defold a while back, and it felt a bit like using Unity, but with Lua instead of C#... and as I really like Lua, and I don't much like C#, it should be a good fit.
There's a Beta of the new Defold IDE which is all charcoal grey and groovy, so that pretty much sold me.

The Jam theme is "running out of power."
So I have a bunch of robot sharks that need to eat in order to make their thrusters work. If their thrusters don't work they sink to bottom and are shredded on the razor sharp coral. Every time they use their thrusters  they use up power.

They can get power from swimmers, boatists, etc... but need to avoid the robot squid,and at the submarines (maybe?)

Anyway I'm about 24hrs into the JAM... and I've got a game that sort of works. I'll keep going, adding more targets, obstacles and whatnot, and work through the DEFOLD examples for cool stuff like screen shake, and radial blur ... and a HUD and some better parallax (as Dom keeps telling me I need to add some to stop it from looking like the swimmer are going backwards)

I've also got to try and remember how to get past the problems of local variables that Lua loves so much.