Thursday, 2 July 2015

30 drawing apps in 30 days - day 23 Draw Free

If you couldn't afford the £1.49 for ArtSet then you might be tempted by Draw Free which looks superficially similar with it's slide out drawers of pencils and crayons.... but it would best not to.

You do get a pen which does a bit of that odd vector best guess interpretation of what you drew, which sometimes involves deleting everything (you can undo to get stuff back though).
You get a pencil and a crayon which are pretty much the same as the pen except a bit more grainy.
There's a paint pot which I think is a fill tool, but it could never find a outline and just painted the whole screen a colour.

All the tools can be resized with a slider, and you can pick the colour from some presets, or use a more sophisticated colour picker. There are also some clip art stamps an eraser, and proper undo buttons. There is however no zoom.
If you click the gallery it takes you back to a blank page, and you lose your work, completely.

If you accidentally tap the banner ad you get taken to the app store to buy "Sugar Smash" or some other app. This reminds me of some of the educational apps I used to review years ago, built to a badly written spec. This app could be really good, it's intuitive, all the controls are on one page, etc...but it fails due to really quite important details.

Save your pennies and buy ArtSet, or Sketchbook.

Today's Challenge was draw a dog, this is my grinning dog, Lola, who is far too hot at the moment...

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