Tuesday, 23 June 2015

30 drawing apps in 30 days day14 Artset

Artset is the second drawing app @mecurdy uses, and its completely different to inkflow.
Artset is a really full function painting? app... I can't ask Marion how she uses it as she's off for the week, but I reckon it might work well with inkflow as a way of colouring up initial ink sketches, like I used to do inking comics with Manga Studio, and colouring in Photoshop?

I had a go at this last night and it looks ok, though I could have maybe done the initial blackline work better directly in Artset.

So today's challenge is literature.

Artset doesn't have layers, though you can import a picture and paint over it, but there's not separation. It does the usual pinch to zoom, and there's a proper undo button. 
The thing that really distinguishes it is the novel way of managing tools, you get a drawer that holds the last 6 or so items used, which is just like real life, where you may have a box full of stuff, but a job might involve only half a dozen items, and probably a real focus on 3 or 4.

The marker pens have a really good feel, and it's much like using a set of Letratone Trias, but there's little control over the angle of the pen, which is a pain with a chisel tip. The paint feels painty, and splodges well, and I actually felt a bit artistic, smearing highlights and building up the paint. Unfortunately the eraser is like using a mad spatter brush, there's no control, and in the end it turns out easier to just overpaint. Perhaps these issues are addressed in the artset pro upgrade?

Likewise the tools for smudging and the sponge seem to produce the effect of using an airbrush with a spatter cap... weird, though I found the "water" effect made a really nasty "true detective" style background.
The worst thing about the app is the way it handles memory- midway through painting this pic I got an out of memory warning, and checking usage I found Artset was using 866Mb, as I only have 3 pics in the gallery, and it's base usage is 114Mb I can only assume it stores huge amounts of detail, good if you need to undo a fair bit, but awful if it chokes the device. Once you step back to the gallery and reopen the image it is essentially flattened, and all undo history is lost, and the memory used drops off.

Anyway, here's my effort for today, it's Edgar Allen Poe, originally it had a raven pecking at his face, but it looked like some kind of stuffed toy, so I overpainted it.

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