Monday, 22 June 2015

30 drawing apps in 30 days day day 13 inkflow

@mecurdy uses inkflow and Art Set, so I thought I'd best have a try with them.

Inkflow is basic, more basic than the back to basics version of memopad I tried yesterday, in fact it's so basic I reckon I could write a similar app.
In fact I might well have a bash at just that over the Summer, I have the code from the old Becta Interactive Whiteboard Common File Format Viewer app on my Github profile...
Anyway I've already mentioned that I'm actually a big fan of basic apps, that do what you want, and no more, and I think inkflow is nearly there, but maybe misses out to other bare bones offerings  like penultimate, or notability in a few areas.

Inkflow has a pen,
it's a black pen with a fixed width nib, and a lasso tool to select and move bits of the sketch...or delete them instead of an eraser.
Accidentally I also found a long press whilst in the lasso tool provides a function to add text and images or select all of the image

Actually the ability to grab part of the sketch and move it is really quite neat, and offers something many of the other tools don't have.
There's also an undo, and redo tool... and hidden at the bottom there's a drag up palm rest so you can plop your meaty fist onto the screen without it registering.
And that's it... there are additional bits and bobs you can get in the Pro version if you cough up £5.99 which seems a bit steep for a few brushes and colour...
I also found the app gets a bit laggy as the image becomes more complex, which makes me wonder how it stores the data, and how it would cope with all the additional colour data... I need to have a read of the iOS API docs again.

Today's challenge is 'medieval'.

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