Tuesday, 16 June 2015

30 drawing apps in 30 days day 7 Wacom Bamboo paper

Bamboo paper is slightly deceptive. I seems like its a very bare bones app, and in some ways it is... no layers, no page zoom, just 3 preset tool widths, and two tools - a pen and a marker in the basic setup, but it does these things quite well, and as a note taking app, or for sketching a design it's quite handy. It also has a number of in app purcases, which equate to additional brushes and "paper" types.

The standard pen is a useful tool, but feels imprecise, and begs to be used with an active stylus.. and offers to connect- ostensibly to the wacom active stylus.
The colour transparency which creates a multiply effect with successive layers would probably work better with the watercolor brush.
Some tools I feel work better due to their simplicity, and I prefer my handy old Wacom bamboo digitiser  over my chunky Cintiq most of the time, but the bamboo brand doesn't mean anything here.

Today's sketch challenge was "water" so I've gone for the old cartoonist sterotype of the castaway.

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