Friday, 12 June 2015

30 drawing apps in 30 days day 3 - Tayasui Sketches

Weird named app Tayasui Sketches was my favourite drawing app on the iPad for a while chiefly because it has a ROTRING pen, and in the real world I used to use rotring isograph pens... before I switched allegiance to Pigma Micron pens.

As with many apps it's evolved, and I'm not entirely sure I like the new version as much.
This pic was drawn with the free version of the app, but using the layers feature as a free 1hr trial, which is a neat way to test a tool before coughing up for it.
(In fact after digging around in the settings I found I had bought the extras some time ago, and was able to restore them.)
In the pro version it's also possible to swap the undo function from a two finger left swipe to a button... far easier, as with all drawing apps sometimes the gesture registers as a line which means you have another thing to undo...

Today's #ltasketchaday challenge was draw ... blubber

so I sketched a whale

It shows one of the neat features of 'sketches' which is the letratone style fill. The fill feature as with many iPad drawing apps is a bit of a bodge... it requires an closed area to be  to be drawn which will be filled, this requires a bit of forward thinking... instead of drawing a boundary then filling it, one has to draw an outline for the fill.

The share functions are iOS defaults, but usefully for LTA type folk it includes the option to send to Nearpod.

A load of reviewers compare sketches with the Paper app, soley on the basis that both organise sketches into little pretend book- Albums in this case.

The app also offers support for a wide range of active styli... none of which I have at the minute... (The Adonit, the Pencil (from Paper makers 53), the Wacom stylus2, the Adobe ink, the pogo active and the Sensu brush) but it works ok with "finger painting" even with my fat fingers as long as you are happy zooming in and out to get strokes to match up. 

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