Tuesday, 30 June 2015

30 drawing apps in 30 days - day 21 Inkist

If you watch the video for inkist it looks like the best app yet, it can create custom brushes from selections and tweak almost every feature, it even has dodge and burn!

However my experience was painful, pinch to zoom seemed to work randomly, so much so I went to the tutorial to check I wasn't doing anything wrong...the sliders for the setting wern't visible, and the touch sensitivity for colour picker meant that trying to draw a dot, or small fill switched to colour picking.

See all those straight lines like rain across the image, they are pinch to zoom false detects.
I tried to like it, but in the end I just wanted to stop using it, so I expoted the image to photos, and it even messed that up, inverting the image for some reason.
I feel it's been made to fit the work style of the creator, but it simply was 

I might try a reinstall as I feel it worked so badly, with things like the missing sliders that it has to be a bug.

Draw A xylophone was the challenge, so I drew Britain's top Xylophonist Stargazer Sir Patrick Moore.

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