Friday, 26 June 2015

30 drawing apps in 30 days- day 17 Moleskine, a creative cloud connected app

This app does sort of the same thing as Adob Shape, except in a really clunky, and bad way.
I found it listed in the extensive set of offerings in the Adobe Creative Cloud app, which acts as a little app collection.

It lets you take a photo of a pencil (or ink)  sketch 

and then applies some filters,  to find the keylines which it then converts it to SVG, 

and saves the result to the Creative Cloud Library.
Unfortunately the default settings means it also tries to do some useful 'optimisation' which are pretty hopeless.

The worst of the auto correction features are the Alignment and Perspective fixers, which aren't smart enough to handle even a simple very stark image like the one I used.

Outputs do get saved to the Creative cloud library, which is neat, but this is a pretty poor tool compared to Adobe shape, which offers far more control.

Anyway, tomorrow it's back to proper sketching apps.

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