Sunday, 21 June 2015

30 drawing apps in 30 days day 12 Tayasui memopad

In its default setup Tayasui memopad looks like a no frills version of Tayasui's sketches app, a pen a pencil a brush and an eraser each with three nib sizes.
There's a line of basic colours to pick, and that's about it.
But actually it's a little more sophisticated if you invest £1.99 for the extras, or test drive them with the useful 'Try 1HR" feature :
-press and hold the colour picker and there a handy colour change tool,
-additional brushes give pastel shades, and roller and a fill tool,
-a greater number of export options allow you to share the results.

No layers as such, but there is the ability to import a photo and then sketch over it. I found this essential in combination with the auto save as a restore function,  essential because a two finger up swipe moves to a new page... and if you do it again you lose the image you were working on.
Luckily the autosave means you can imort the picture back in as if it were a photo...
This is the only app so far that has lost my work part way through... And it was a bit irritating to be honest.

Serendipitously one of the brushes makes a nice snow effect, if you happen to be drawing an Ice planet... 

Draw a walker was the challenge.

Red five standing by.

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