Saturday, 20 June 2015

30 drawing apps in 30 days day 11 Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Nearly didn't spot this amongst all the other Adobe offerings, there are so many, and the titles make it tricky to know which does what.
Adobe Photoshop Sketch should in theory be just the app I'm looking for, but as with many apps, for some mysterious reason it doesn't include some of the functionality I want, in this case a functional layers tool.
The layers tool allows a picture to be imported to be traced over, but it doesn't seem to want to allow further layers to be positioned over the main layer. I usually use a layer for tone, or highlights, or colouring in...
The layer tool here provides a slider to fade between a background image, and the drawing layer. Images can be imported into the layer from the iPad, or from some Adobe market place.
I imported gradient background because I couldn't find a gradient tool... or a fill tool :(

The toolset consists of a pencil, pen, brush, marker and Custom brush and an eraser tool. Each of the tools has a slider in a pop up menu to control tip size and opacity which works well, but not as fluidly as the Autodesk tip controller. Unfortunately the eraser tool seems to be less configurable, and has a sort of wooly edge.
There's the usual Adobe template shape ruler thing, which presumably works well with the Adobe active stylus and slide puck.

Images can be saved to the photo album, or exported to illustrator and photoshop. Images are organised into 'Projects' which are like clusters of sketches and can be shared using the Adobe Behance portfolio offering.

Anyway, today's challenge was to draw a hammer, so I've done a sketch of Thor...

...One more thing... of all the drawing apps I've used so far this one has really hammered the battery on the iPad. It used 42% of the charge over the period of the drawing, and although I probably spent a little more time on this sketch, I don't think it equates to such a huge battery drain.

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