Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 - first post - cable cobblers

I managed to get about 8 extra pages done over the holiday which is the meat of the work.
All that remains is erasing pencil lines, scanning, clean up, colouring, toning and compiling layers... then adding text etc....
I let the ink set over night before erasing the pencils, as the copic pens don't like having pencil erased, and tend to fade to grey when "rubbed" (The Micron pigment inks are far firmer).

This morning I thought I'd "just" scan the cleaned up artwork in but of course the scanner refused to talk to the macbook.
Could it be a driver issue?(it's nearly always a driver issue using old kit on new(ish) Mac OS X versions)
I installed a driver written in OCTOBER 2014, which is like cutting edge stuff for my kit.
Still didn't work.
Switch to my old macbook, slightly better but still no real use - just solid black scans.
So I tried another cable and Bob's your uncle the scanner started to work.

However the power cable decided it would only charge the macbook if I draped it in a particular (random) pattern... finally as the battery hit red it decided it'd maybe start charging.
All of which meant that instead of using my shiny Cintiq and Creative Cloud Photoshop to edit the images, I'm back in Photoshop elements with my old Bamboo tablet... which actually suits me better.

Happy New Year.