Sunday, 5 October 2014



I did it, which is a surprise to me.
The story is virtually non existent, and I've bent it out of shape to allow me to lever a bunch of pop references in, but, but, there are 24 pages, thought up, pencilled, inked, photographed, and posted to the internet in under 24 hours.
I ftp'ed the pdf at 10 to 10... cowboy time :)
The pdf is 20Mb, as the sips image processing script seemed to only run on half of the images? whatever, the stuff is up, in time.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

#24HCD 2014 hour 7

Fatigue set in around hour 5, when I was lagging behind, and felt the "quit" rising in my mind.
I pushed through however and I'm now at hour 7, and I'm 8 pages in.
The pages are becoming lighter in detail and in tone, simply to cut down on time spent filling inked areas, and topping up pens.
The story has changed a bit, and I've got to try and pull it back on track.

#24HCD 2014 Hour 4 goes down

Stop for lunch, which is left over curry :)
I've got 4 pages done, and I'm 4 hours in... I'm always amazed that the time just vaporises. As always I'm working out how I'm going to get 24 pages done when I'm averaging a page an hour, AND I need to have at least 6 hours kip in there somewhere...

#24HCD 2014 3 hrs in 3 pages down

Much to my surprise I've managed to cobble together enough of a story to thread through 24 pages...
I've blasted on and have three pages inked up, unfortunately as the drawings are sketched the gaps in the plot appear and pages get dropped to try and get things to make some sort of sense...
So according to the overview I'm a couple of pages short..
Looks like I'll be turning a couple of pages into Double Page Spreads!
I'm working on A3 pages, which means I can use the fast flowing Copic pens, the downside is I'm burning through ink, and have covered my hands with spilt ink already. It's a messy business.

#24HCD first post

#24HCD 2014 first post.

The 24Hr Comic Day challenge is to devise, pencil, ink and upload (publish) a 24 page comic in 24 hours.
I've attempted this 4 times, and succeeded twice, and not quite made it twice.
Whilst this sounds simple it really is a bit of a race, and the fiddling about, erasing pencil marks, tidying inks up, adding speech bubbles, scanning the work and collating it in a comic like form take precious minutes, and indeed hours.

So this year to speed things up I'm planning to work on a large scale with free flowing COPIC CHIAO markers that I previously used in live graphic facilitiation sessions... FAST inking.

I was going to make some stick on speech bubbles like Alex Fitch prepared for our cut and stick comic session at the IS staff conference, but didn't get round to it... I'm not sure if it'll be quicker to add speech bubbles as I go or add them at the end. The latter gives me more time to refine the actual words... and the story.

I'm going to photograph the resulting pages with my iPhone which automatically adds the images to iCloud, and thus also iPhoto which I can use to create a "photo Book" - by selecting the range of images then File>new Book ... then File> Print>PDF>save as PDF.
The only downside is the pdf is a bit big... 200Mb big, when the actual photos are probably only 1Mb each.

It may be I can just use that to get something online, and then go through and slim it down later.
This approach should save an hour of fiddling around, and thus allow me an extra hour of sleep... OR an extra hour of drawing.

Anyway, I'm 45 mins in, I've nearly done the splash page, which is a cracking way to blast through a page... lots of black ink, and hopefully the setup for the "story".