Sunday, 17 August 2014

really really old

I had a rummage in the basement and found a couple of pictures from my first proper year as a freelance illustrator, 1989. Amongst the advertising drafts for for Estate Agents', and a more ethical poster for a workers collective "the Tree of Life", I found some more Dragons.
If I remember rightly this was a story about a dragon adopted by chickens...
I don't think I ever managed to sell it, but It was instrumental in landing me Deema's Dragon job through my agent Eva Morris, who's office in Covent Garden was just a stone's throw from the Jisc offices.
I think perhaps all this nostalgia is being driven by Dom's imminent relocation to Farnham to study Film Production, and the realisation that things will be suddenly different here.

I was obviously better with the watercolour in those days... nice clouds...

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