Sunday, 6 October 2013

#24HCD calibration cobblers

well that colour cover looked fine on my Cintiq, but awful on everything else. I've recalibrated.. lets see if it makes a difference.

#24HCD 2013 - in technicolour

#24HCD 2013 -admitting defeat

Ok, I'm out. I have a shocking cold, and am Mr Wheezy this morning. I did ink up page 9, but it looked so bad I thought I'd best leave the story where it stopped... which is cool as next weekend I'm taking part in a 48 hour code jam, and I plan to finish the story there...
So just 8 pages this year, just a third of the way through. This brings my 24HCD score to 50%, 4 years 2 successes, two valiant attempts.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

#24HCD 2013 Timeout

Taking a break for a couple of hours sleep, no way I can manage a full 24 pages even with helpful "pro tips" on staying up all night from Dom... Who has sketched out all his comic, and now just had to cobble it together. He's doing something about rainbow farting unicorns and hippos burping missiles... Which makes my effort of demon ninjas look relatively sane.
Anyway. Page 9 is outlined, and I'll pick up again at 5 am... I might manage 16 pages?
My excuse is I'm a bit ill...

#24HCD 2013 Eight Eight and we can skate

#24HCD 2013 7

9 hours in... 7 pages down.
Not looking hopeful for a completed challenge this year.
I may have to play the 'Gaimen" variation and end it when I run out of time.
At this rate I can probably do another 7 pages, but not much more. I may have to change the story... which won't be a bad thing.

#24HCD 2013 6

#24HCD 2013 PAGE 5

#24HCD 2013 - Four

#24HCD 2013 -PAGE 3-

#24HCD 2013 Page 2, Tilgate tentacle terror

#24HCD 2013 First Post

Ok, I'm under two hours in and I have a story, and the first two pages (sorta)
So here you go.
24HCD 2013
The Lucifer Effect

#24HCD 2013 and we're off

So a bellhoy story ...something something giant squid monsters and ninjas... Demon ninjas... And maybe pirates...

#24HCD 2013 Countdown

Everything is prepped for the challenge, I have scraped together 24 sheets of DELETER A4 manga paper, tested a range of micron pigment markers, and warmed up my Mac mini.
Dom has decided he wants to have a go too, which will be a good story to add to his portfolio.

Friday, 4 October 2013

#24HCD2013 preparing the way

I'm off today and Monday to prepare and recover from #24HCD.
I've been running this blog for about 3 years now, and seen some 40 thousand visitors, and the most popular post by far is the first post I did for #24HCD 2011,
which is odd, because it's not really about 24 Hour Comic Day, but about my previous career as an illustrator.
SO for #24HCD 2013 I'm planning to relax a little, mainly due to the Glenlivet I'm drinking to fend off my cold.
I'm planning to do a HellBoy story, and have prepared by reading Mignola's 'Baltimore'
The story is ok, the artwork acceptable, but mainly I feel "I could do that"
So  I will.
#24HCD for me starts at about 10am tomorrow.
In the spirit of #24HCD I've no idea what the story will entail, except that it'll have a big red guy in in.