Saturday, 20 October 2012

#24HCD 2012 post 2 - the story

2 hours in my lovely shed and my bum is numb from the hard wood seat. Back to my basement office, and hoorrah for the storage heater which is making the room bearable. I have the story outline plotted in Byword, and am pleased with the overall direction. I've done a few internet searches and grabbed some reference images, and am now set to start doing a bit of sketching. I'll work on a couple of backgrounds first, and get them scanned so I'm ready to build the frames in photoshop... although I remembered the Comic-Book app I have on my iPad, which works very well for putting pages together...
It may be a really stupid idea to even consider switching to an app I haven't used too much, but it may well save a lot of time. It can export pages as .pdf and .jpeg and the speech bubble aspect is far simpler than the way I usually add text in Photoshop...
Time will tell.

22 Hours to go.

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