Thursday, 9 August 2012

quick draw

On a recent "comics are great " podcast Ryan Estrada talked about a pen he'd been using that allowed him to speed up his work. I bought a couple: Pentel Stylo refill MLJ20. There are quite fast, but I'm not sure I like the feel of the fibrous nib... it seems a little fragile, and at the wrong angle it "sprays" Anyway I did a quick sketch for this weeks 10 ton challenge, and have to agree it's quick...
UPDATE- weird as it may seem this one was a 10Ton Sketch Challenge winner. Guess I must have captured something of the shock the little fella would feel as 1 pile of innards plopped on his head...


  1. Yeah, the first time you use it, it sprays. I always doodle a junk drawing first, so it gets it out of its system. Anyway, the right tool is different for everyone!

    1. Hey Ryan, it certainly proved the right tool here, 20 minutes of effort and a 10Ton win...
      cheers Rob