Thursday, 31 May 2012


Just back from a couple of days of nerding out...
Dev8ed ran at Aston Business school, and saw about 90 developers and learning technologists join up and talk about and work on projects. I was presenting my coursedata stuff, and we had talks from Moodle developers, LTI developers, HTML 5 stuff... all fascinating.
... and I did the logo:

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sketchbook ink brushes

There are a number of different brushes in ink, and they are all as unpredictable as each other. They remind me of the brushes in Manga Studio, but without the precision.
Anyway this is the sort of style they exhibit. I got quite excited at the Steadmanesque look of a couple of them, but there simply isn't enough control.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Sketchbook ink

Autocad who make the sketchbook pro app, have launched a new app today. I'm not quite sure where it fits in the line up. In theory because it seems to use some vector like formula, and can export at really high resolution it should be the sort of thing that is useful for preparing sketches for print. In fact the export to Dropbox option means it could usefully form part of a reasonably sensible workflow, but... To my mind It's not fully baked.
Too many random artefacts caused by the active brushes, these manifest as diagonal lines.. Sometimes these can be undone, sometimes they append themselves to strokes way back in the undo stack, and the undo is slow. Maybe on a iPad 3 you'll be ok , but stuff takes a while on my ipad2.
The killer for me is the lack of fill... You can do some sort of job using the brush but not great. Zooming in and out takes time and renders lines strangely when compared to their final output.
At £1.49... It's probably worth it for simple sketches, but it's not quite ready for anything serious.

Monday, 21 May 2012


I had another go at the 10 tone sketch challenge entry tonight, determined to take the opportunity to draw giant killer nazi robots... I ended up with a rather small nazi robot.. will try harder next time...

Friday, 18 May 2012

Payne's Grey

I used to paint everything with payne's grey, now I'm not so sure...

...also Dark Claw's face mask looks a bit like the rabbit from Donnie Darko... quite silly.

Dark claw

Who knew there was a marvel DC. Mash up, amalgam comics... With a batman/ wolverine character ... Darkclaw. Anyway it's this weeks 10 ton sketch challenge...

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Don't believe the Hype

I've been playing around with Tumult Hype, which provides a simple almost Flash like interface for building HTML5 animations.
I have followed the basic tutorial, and created a couple of "scenes" which show the flow of the development of a sketch.

I might even be able to embed the code here...
but I'm not sure...

Invasion in colour

all done,
my scanner is suffering, it gets stuck on overview, and I can't set the colour correctly..
it's fine for b/w... if it initialises...
but getting a bit cranky about colour.

The Invaders

This weeks 10 ton Sketch challenge is Avengers look-e-like-ees  - the Invaders...
I did a very quick pencil scribble, and then thought I'd ink it up just for laughs.
This is the inked version.
I'm colouring it now

two brains

If you have been following the Wychwolf saga then you'l recognise this fellow. He is professor GlasKopf, and returns for a brief interlude in Monday's strip, as Adam hasn't had time to get the script written.

Of course if you aren't reading the weekly effort, then I'd love you join us... a page a week, zombies, werewolves, tentacled space monsters, and Alan Turing.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

More ComicBook fun

Busy day, thought I'd relax with a little sketching on the iPad. Sketch of spidery in sketchbook pro, followed by another attempt to understand ComicBook... Stuff is still quite janky, but getting better

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

ComicBook app

Impressed by the use of comicbook app at work recently I bought it... Chiefly to see if I could use it to add some structure, panels and speech bubbles to pics drawn in sketchbook pro. ComicBook is by turns fascinating and infuriating, the UI is inconsistent, and whilst things like image positioning are really flexible, trying to get text to sit well in the bubbles is a nightmare.

Monday, 7 May 2012

iPad sketchbook pro

Had half an hour on my hands so thought I'd have a bash with the stylus... Based on a Mignola batman...


I've been hearing a lot of stuff about Squarespace on a number of podcasts... and it's made me think it may be worth moving this blog to Squarespace to benefit from the shiny designs. I used to have a squarespace site a couple of years ago, for the Becta Interactive Whiteboard work, I posted sample files, and the dragon above.
I seem to remember I was writing a story for use on the Interactive whiteboard much like the noggin the nog stories I enjoyed in my childhood...and it strikes me now that it would work just as well on an iPad.
Unfortunately when I stopped paying the site closed, and all my stuff with it... that doesn't happen with Blogger. In fact Blogger has recently reminded me of a number of blogs I'd started in Blogspot days that needed to be updated or lost.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Last wolverines

coloured pic for the 10 ton sketch challenge...

and finally all sepia'ed up, as is my won't.

inked up

All inked up, and ready for some colour... going to try and get a nice bright clean look, but may end up with a more muddy effort involving Payne's Grey...

Hungry like the wooool-verine

Pencils all done, just about too ink up...

Friday, 4 May 2012


This weeks 10ton sketch challenge is "wolverine", so I thought I'd have a bash. Pencils done, inks tomorrow