Saturday, 14 April 2012

JANET Brokerage

I posted a message about JANET Brokerage to the champs list a while back, and it started a brief exchange between my old comrade Steve Davies , as to who Janet Brokerage was.. Steve saw her as a granny with a big gun. "Cross me and you'll be playing harp for the angels".
I saw her more of a burly lady like Pat Butcher, in a leopard skin pattern coat, with two menacing sons who loaf around behind her shelling peanuts and "breaking" things.
"Oh dear me, wouldn't it be a shame if this shop accidentally burnt down."

In fact much like an old VIZ character... Big Vern? 

The truth is much less disturbing. JANET Brokerage is a advisory service that can help Educational Institutions save money when buying cloud services. Check it out:

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