Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Sketch

I got Monday's Wychwolf page drawn and finished yesterday, making it either 6 days late, or a day early...
The upshot was I had a gap in the day, so I sat sketching monsters whilst Ali watched "Birdsong".
I toyed briefly with doing a Hellboy sketch, as Dom is thinking about possibly doing some comic stuff for his Final GCSE piece... and we chatted about whether they would allow him to pencil it & ink it in the real world and then colour it in Photoshop to get those glorious colours... I'm guessing not.
In the end I just started drawing, and this is what fell out of the pencil.

I'm planning to start scanning in at least the covers of all the books I've illustrated over the years, to put in the "illustration" section... the launch of iBook Author prompted me to think about converting some of the unpublished stuff to self published.

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