Friday, 27 January 2012


Went to my last ever(?) parents evening at school last night.
Dom's art teacher was concerned that he starts too many things that he doesn't finish, and that he draws stuff he's made up rather than from source material.
This seemed a bit strange to me, as I've rarely used sources, except for the twisted stuff that lives in my brain. Anyway I promised I try and help, and we are having a "Draw off" this weekend using sources, and references and everything.
I did a scribble at lunchtime to get my hand in, and very quickly got bored of the reference and switched to making it up.
Dom wants to do some kind of Space octopus/cthullu creature in space for his final piece, so I thought we'd try and start a source and inspiration journey with some octopi, and move to Alien face huggers, DrWho Ood, Cthullu and such like to some eventual composition.

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