Saturday, 31 December 2011

New year again

Last year I did a brief review of the year in terms of my Strange Biros life.
I'd been made redundant, and found a short term contract, which has since become a permanent post.
I'd written and launched wychwolf with the kids, we've since finished part 1, and Adam has taken over writing part 2, which started a few weeks ago.
I won another 10t sketch challenge, but sadly havn't found the time to enter much since then.
I entered an completed the 24 Hour Comic challenge, and even formatted the result as a kindle book.
I didn't enrol on any more drawing classes, instead I did a ten week class in TIG welding,  and am enrolled on the final year of an online BSc in Computer Science.
I used my new iPad2 to draw some stuff, and whilst the tools were ok, it wasn't precise enough... though the interface was a lot better than the equivalent tools on the mac.
I upgraded to Mac OS X Lion, which broke a lot of stuff... including my old copy of photoshop elements 4.
Eventually I coughed up for a replacement, buuut it still didn't work with the scanner, and crashes when I try to change fonts. All in all Lion is very much a PC user experience... poor.

So this year, I have Wychwolf part 2 to complete, I also have a good 15hours of study a week for the BSc, which cuts down on sketching time.
I have toyed with the idea of buying a Wacom Inkling to allow me to capture sketches done in biro, but to be realistic If I were sketching that much I could scan, or photograph the pictures.
I do hope to enter the 24HCD challenge again.
Realistically I'll be pleased to get anything much done this year...