Saturday, 1 October 2011

#24HCD post3- outlines done, 10 pages of pencils

Nearly three hours in, and after two cups of coffee and a packet of biscuits in my sunny allotment shed, the first draft of the story is done.
I managed to get a whole arc out of the A-Z format, without having to draw too much boring tosh.
I'm not sure if I want to have additional text, or whether that will spoil the purity of the idea.
These are the basic pages:

1. Atomic Bomb, agent bob, again, blast
2.  alien brood, alert breach

3. Certain Death, containment down,
4. criminal deviant

5. Evil Fiend, electric fist,
6. energy field,

7. Great Hero, gorgeous hero, get him
8. glistening husk, glowing hole, gelatinous heap, giant

9. Intergalactic journey,
10. Idiots jetpack, intense jailer

11. Kryptonite Laser, killed limp,
12. killer lemmings, killer leeches, lost, last

13. Missile Nuclear, mind numb,
14. massive nest, mad now, marbles, never,

15. Orbital planet, ouch painful,
16. over panel, only professor

17. Quiet rescue, quick rocket,
18. quantum replicator, quick robot

19. Sonic thruster, super tunnel, space technician, stupid technology, said Ted
20. swift Titan, space turtle, silent threat, squid terror, slick tentacles

21. Ultra Violence,
22. under volted, under valued,

23. Walking xmen, wild excitement,
24. win excellent, wild xrays,

25. Yesterday zero, Yellow zero, yes, zero.
26. Yes zombies. Yeti zombies

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