Saturday, 1 October 2011

#24HCD post 7 - very very tired

I'm flaking out.
don't think I'm going to get the whole 24 pages done, as I'm just at 10 pages, and over half way.
I'm going to post what I've done.
Here's how I did it.

Initial sketches on loose copier paper, to get the shape of the page. I like organic panels, breaking out of panels, but really like having panels...
Once I had the general shape, pencil sketches done on DELETER manga paper, using a pentel technical pencil and 2B leads, then inked using a mix of Faber Castell pigment felt tips, Rotring Isograph 0.25 and 0.5 mm pens, and DELETER no 3 and 4 ink. No 4 spreads really well, but No 3 is a far richer black.
As I'm going to be scanning just black and White the black density isn't such an issue.
Rub out the pencil using an old Rotring eraser, and scan using my basic Canon Lide 25 USB scanner...( I bought my original old parallel port version of this scanner late at night to scan some sketches to send to mentorn Urgently, and the only place open was pc world..II was using an IBM thinkpad (500MHz) at the time which was the best pc I've ever used.)
Scans are done from photoshop elements 4 on my mac mini at 300 dpi.
Save as a .PSD file, and then convert to grayscale to tidy up, as it allows me to blend some of the lines, without the overhead of going straight to RGB.
Drop to 72dpi, resize to 600x800, add a few highlights, and spot colour.
Save for web, as .png.

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