Saturday, 1 October 2011

#24HCD Post 2

As I've said before Mike Mignola is a huge influence on me, I love the style of his work, and perhaps more importantly I love the fact he just wants to draw monsters. I too think I would be quite happy just drawing monsters. I briefly had that gig at the turn of the century when I worked freelance for mentorn and the BBC visual effects dept on visualisations for "robot wars" house robots, and other shows.

So to make this whole process enjoyable I've really got to add a few monsters. We all have our recurring  memes, and mine tend to be giant squid creatures, killer robots and brains in jars...
I'm sure they are going to be appearing in this 24hcd project.
Off to my shed for some initial sketches, 6 mins till start of play.
Soundtrack: the sighs of Ali and Dom as England are beaten to a bloody pulp by Scotland, Radiohead - House of Cards.

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