Monday, 26 September 2011

See the dog faced boy...

I had a meeting over coffee last week in the cafe under Methodist Central Hall, I was early and was delighted to see an art exhibition on display.
Whilst I wasn't really attracted to any of the works, which were all done in coloured pencils (this being an exhibition arranged by the UK coloured pencil society) I was intrigued by the sideshow put on by the sponsors: Faber Castell.
There were a couple of sculptures made out of pencils, including a ridiculously uncomfortable chair...

... more amusingly there was a display which held "the worlds smallest pencil".. which wasn't really very small at all.

"The smallest pencil in the world is 17.5mm short and about 3mm thin, made of North American spruce with a genuine graphite lead (0.5 mm diameter). Count Von Faber-Castell had this tiny object specially made to be able to givean appropriate present when the world's largest pencil was unveiled at the Faber-Castell plant in Malaysia."
I don't know what delights me more, the idea that this , the worlds smallest pencil could be trumped by another which was sharpened, precipitating a "worlds smallest pencil" record breaking sharpening match...
OR that there is a Count Von Faber Castell, presumably with a cape, and monocle.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

That's Numberwang

I have been dallying with the idea of creating an entertaining but obtuse iOS game, which would have plenty of monsters, and bold graphics, possibly inscrutable japanese text, and lots of shouting.... and then I found "monsters ate my condo" by adultswim.
It is madder than a bag of frogs, crammed with incomprehensible graphics, and possibly the best thing I've seen.
I think I may well follow their lead, and build some kind of godzilla game... with giant squid and killer robots obviously...

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Next weekend is 24 hr Comic day.
This year I will succeed.
I have set aside time to do the comic, and even booked the Monday off, so I can work through the night over the weekend and not be a sore headed bear.
The hardest part is trying NOT to prepare too much.. the idea of 24HCD is to create a story from start to finish in 24 Hours, and that's a tremendous challenge. It's very easy to start thinking of stories, characters and plot beforehand.
What I do know is I'm going to work in pencil onto DELETER Manga paper, and ink stuff with a mix of pigment fibre tip markers, rotring isograph pens and DELETER No4 ink using a flat brush.
... better check I have enough paper stock in.