Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sketchbook Pro for a proper computer

Tired of finger painting on the iPad, but very impressed by Sketchbook Pro I splashed out £39.99 on a copy for the mac. I bought it through the app store, so if/when i get another laptop I can port it direct. I  think sketchbook pro typifies the new design ethos that is creeping into mac apps.. I looked for my traditional keyboard shortcuts, to find there dont appear to be any, luckily I have a trackpad, and the zoom works on that. Its fast enough, but a bit laggy at high zoom, and suffers from the reverse axis controls that make sense direct on the ipad screen, but not so much on the trackpad.
I was pleased the speed and accuracy of what it rendered, but a little frustrated with the lack of a crop tool, and still miss my dodge and burn. Below is a quick sketch dashed out in about 6 minutes, and my very first attempt at using the app.
I remember the first time I tried to use Photoshop I came away with nothing... I remember dropping £200 for Adobe illustrator, and never coming away with anything.
Happy with my purchase.

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