Sunday, 31 July 2011


Monster#1 by killercarrot
Monster#1, a photo by killercarrot on Flickr.
Someone pointed me at the link to 100 days of monsters which reminded me of an interview with Mike Mignola where he said, he just wanted to draw monsters.
I've been trying to have a go at drawing a page of webcomic a week, for with more or less success.
However watching this reminds me that what I really like doing... the stuff that makes me happy, is just drawing monsters... it has been for over 40 years now.
So I'm going to try. I have dallied with the ipad as a drawing tool, with little success, but I'm guessing it'll be ok for unpolished sketches...
I may post them here, or I may try some lightweight ipad based workflow... sending to picasa or somesuch...
The first attempt is a sketchbook pro doodle.. this has export to a range of services, but only Flickr fits the bill for this idea.
I had a little bother remembering my account details, and went in circles once or twice trying to use the Google login credentials, briefly toyed with using facebook account, but the list of permissions was way too long for sharing a pic.
The pic uploads to Flickr quite quickly, and has a share with blogger button... however I then had to nip into blogger to fiddle with links, and resize the pic, add tags etc...
SO an interesting project to learn how best to use the ipad arty tools,  get a view of best workflows for publishing,  and maybe get Dom doing a little drawing too.

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