Monday, 11 July 2011

change the ink

This week's 10 ton sketch challenge is "Hellboy covers", so how could I not enter.
I did a quick sketch of a couple of my favourite covers, and they were horrible.
It merely proved to emphasise how very very talented Mr Mignola is.
In the end I managed to do a half decent pencil sketch of the cover of "seed of destruction", and then I inked it up.
I picked the DELETER black No.4 ink as it's much more waterproof in theory, so when I add a colour wash it shouldn't smear so much. I was really quite surprised at how easy the ink went down, not as black as the No.3 but pretty quick drying, and pretty much going where I wanted it.

Anyway, I'm quite pleased, and now realise I should have a go at using some of the other DELETER inks I have scattered over my desk.

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