Friday, 24 June 2011

ipad art fail

I tried to have a bash at using the ipad in the workflow for the webcomic... sadly it's not quite there.
I inked up the pencilled sketches as normal with real ink and scan in using photoshop...
to get it into the ipad in a form that sketchbook pro can recognise I need to import the artwork as a .png into iphoto, connect the ipad, sync the last iphoto import, and then add it as a layer.
The size of the image is limited to 2048x1536, which isn't too bad as it's close to A4 at 185dpi... I usually work on the original A4 scan in B/W at 600dpi, and reduce to 300dpi to colour, eventually dropping it right to 150dpi, or 72dpi for final output.

Multitouch to drag the image image and resize is quite easy to get used to, and the undo button is close to hand when the screen doesn't register two fingers, and runs a brush line through the work.
Brush control, via the puck, covers size and opacity, with a stab of the brush button needed to change colour, or the side palette. It's all eminently do-able, right up to the point I started trying to do some fills with the bucket tool.
It just wouldn't play ball.. at first I though it was the slightly hit and miss pogo stylus, which makes the whole process a bit like painting with a dried out board marker.
Whatever the issue, I just couldn't get the fill to work where I wanted, when I wanted. I will persevere, but think the benefits are probably in sketching, rather than the proper production cycle.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Babbage and Lovelace

If you haven't seen the stuff over here:
Go check it out.
Sydney does this in a very Eisner style, so either get out your nib pens, or change it up a little.

Ada Lovelace (beloved first programmer) the only legitimate child of MAD BAD and dangerous to know nutcase Lord Byron… and Charles Babbage, father of computing.

The subject of this weeks 10 ton sketch challenge

Sunday, 12 June 2011


I cut out the wonky leg with a scalpel as it was bothering me...

UPDATE: hey my wonky robot won this weeks 10ton sketch challenge.. what a delight:

Brunel-bot vs the Kraken

Always had problems with the Kraken in Bristol,  forever sweeping small children into the deep as a light snack... until Brunel-bot decided enough was enough..
Anyway... this week the 10 ton sketch challenge is "Daikaiju".. the sort of Giant Godzilla like creatures that are constantly laying waste to Japan.
I always like a giant killer robot, and a giant killer squid.. but as always I cocked up.. the legs are wonky, and the clifton suspension bridge looks tiny.. I need to add some cars for scale I guess.