Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, new start

Happy New Year to all those who bother to read the blog, or rather look at the blogs pictures. I was flicking through my diary this morning and it has been an interesting year. At this time last year I was in a secure job, working on some fascinating technology, since then I've been made redundant, and picked up a short term contract doing equally fascinating stuff.
I worked with the kids on a webcomic which we launched on March 27th at the UK webcomix thing, and have managed to publish once a week each Monday since (nearly).
I joined in with several ten ton studio forum sketch challenges, and even managed to win one.
SO this year, what's the plan? Well I aim to continue the comic. Once the current story arc reaches it's end I will be handing over the writing to Adam. We will be changing the format a little, to allow us to collect a compendium  to run on the kindle and the ipod.
I will try to enter the sketch challenge at least once a month, and I'm looking to enrol in some life drawing class, as I appreciate my current weaknesses.