Sunday, 1 August 2010

Inking in the name of...

Well my Kirby Inking failed dismally, I can't help inking in the style of me.
Never mind, the fun thing about the 10T sketch challenge is that you never know what you are going to draw, and I think I'd like another crack at something Kirbyish. I looked at a couple of books for reference, and I'm staggered by the tight lines.
Sure I could clean this up in photoshop, but that's against the rules, and it really does help focus the mind. The strange thing is for much of the inking I feel it looks a mess, and then suddenly bits start to look RIGHT. Galactus's chin works for me, as does the jaw line of Terrax (The guy with the Ax).. though some bits never seem to get there.. like Terrax's axe, which feels like some badly drawn kite, or flag.
Anyway. Time for bed, busy day at BSI tomorrow.

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