Sunday, 29 August 2010

Ex Machina

I never really got to grips with the ex-machina series, I've read a few Trade collections, but I wasn't sure. They reminded me of the old 2000AD series MACH1, and Angel, the first "Man Activated by Compupuncture Hyperpower" was a Bionic man imitation. he second, about a pilot who has his plane's  circuitry imprinted on him in an accident, and can jump off walls and stuff..
Here's  my attempt for this weeks 10 ton studio sketch challenge.
Ex Machina.


Sat watching Bourne film, and "in Bruge" last night, and scribbling in the sketch book.

From my sketch book

A week in Bude, sitting on the beach gave plenty of time to sketch... here's a few pages from my sketch book.


Holiday meant no computer, so no scanning of pics, and no chance to enter the 10t sketch challenge last week.
I did have my sketch book with me though, and had a go at the Bullseye challenge. I'm prepped for the "Ex Machina" challenge this week, as it's bank holiday, and I have a little spare time.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

HULK smash!

This weeks 10t studio sketch challenge..
The Defenders.. Hulk, Doc Strange, lookin for all the world like Apu ... and the SUbmariner in the background..
This is my version of the cover of Defenders#1

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Super Fogeys

Posted on behalf of Brock...
If you've never read the SuperFogeys or it's been a while since you have, now's the time to check it out! Launched in September of 2006, the SuperFogeys has steadily developed into a hilarious and dramatic saga that's far and away from its gag-a-day roots. Throughout its nearly four-year run, one villain has loomed over the residents of Valhalla-Home for the Supertired more than any other, the Third Man. We now know he's secretly Dr. Klein, the founder of Valhalla, but what does he want? Who is he, really? And how do Spy Gal, Captain Spectacular, Swifty, Dr. Rocket and all the rest fit into his plans?

Everything has been leading up to the bomb creator Brock Heasley will be dropping on Thursday, August 19th. Early reactions to the revelation (by those lucky few) have varied from "That's a total mind screw" to "Holy Sh---!" (Okay, so that's not a lot of variety. Reactions are pretty much the same across the board!)

To celebrate, SuperFogeys will be running four updates August 16th-19th, Monday-Thursday. Then, in the week after that (after everyone's had a chance to calm down!), seven consecutive daily updates August 23rd-29th, Monday-Sunday. 

It's time to catch back up with SF. What are you waiting for?


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Walking Dead

This week the 10t Sketch Challenge is "the walking dead", a zombie comic, that is unremittingly bleak.
Just read vol11, and things are grim, grimmer than grim.
Anyway, here's my attempt, at Carl, the young boy who's grown up with all this horror.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Ten Ton Champions

Roho over at ten ton has made a tumblr blog of all the sketch challenge winners... it is pretty impressive. There's some fantastic work in there. I am proud to even be allowed to post sketches with these guys.

Policing the Policy

The "Policy Police" Summer Special is here, Script by Steve, scribblin' by me.
It's strange drawing someone else's strip, as I did each panel, it felt lumpy and wrong, but when I'd finished I read it through it felt it flowed really well, AND made me laugh.
Top stuff.

I have to knuckle down now and have a crack at getting ahead with as soon I'll be on holiday, and will need a bit of a buffer.

More good news is that this weeks 10Ton Studio Sketch Challenge is "Walking Dead" Zombies, irressistable, lovely flesh eating zombies.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Inking in the name of...

Well my Kirby Inking failed dismally, I can't help inking in the style of me.
Never mind, the fun thing about the 10T sketch challenge is that you never know what you are going to draw, and I think I'd like another crack at something Kirbyish. I looked at a couple of books for reference, and I'm staggered by the tight lines.
Sure I could clean this up in photoshop, but that's against the rules, and it really does help focus the mind. The strange thing is for much of the inking I feel it looks a mess, and then suddenly bits start to look RIGHT. Galactus's chin works for me, as does the jaw line of Terrax (The guy with the Ax).. though some bits never seem to get there.. like Terrax's axe, which feels like some badly drawn kite, or flag.
Anyway. Time for bed, busy day at BSI tomorrow.

Triumph Heralds of Galactus

I managed to get Monday's Wychwolf drafted last night, whilst watching the truly awful Star Trek film, and then as I had time on my hands, I thought I'd have a bash at this week's Ten Ton Studio Sketch Challenge
The Heralds of Galactus, are the Silver Surfer and other chaps, zooming around the cosmos looking for trouble. In line with some of the recent comments, I've made sure to draw at lest 4 Heralds, making sure the plural is noted... and also that it's a sketch challenge, so this was a quickish sketch whilst watching telly, and drinking Crabbie's Ginger Beer.
Sadly it's rubbish, no detail on any of the teensy figures, but Galactus looks okey dokey..
I may have a bash at inking up in a Jack Kirby mad black ink circles fashion.
I was tempted to have a bash at the Herald from the Ultimates Galactus series... a stripped down half cyborg thing buried under Tunguska.. maybe if I have time.