Sunday, 18 July 2010


Being made redundant has given me a strange opportunity to think about the avenues open to me for future work. I briefly dallied with the idea of setting up an artistic prints studio, but realised quickly the investment in time and money doesn't have a direct link to sales... sales as always is the stumbling point. It was when i worked as an illustrator, and I'm certain it would be in any other artistic venture.
Anyway as part of the process of investigating various printing methods I thought I'd try my hand at drypoint. I am rather fond of the velvetty look the prints have, reminiscent of old dyelines builders blueprints.
I found a cracking supplier very close to London Bridge, and bought some materials, I also dug out some old lino print materials my wife had for making Christmas cards.
Here's the first result, my entry for this weeks Ten Ton Studio challenge.

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