Sunday, 16 May 2010

Old technology

One of the things that I've found really useful about the Ten Ton Studio Sketch Challenge, is that it's sketches only.. NO computer jiggery pokery..
 Which is quite a challenge as I'm now very used to CMD Z undo. So when i coloured the Azrael pic, and it went wrong I was trying to think how I could retrieve it.. and I looked through my drawer, and found a wad of Letratone that I've not touched in maybe 20 Years.
for those too young to know, Letratone is a thin sheet of tacky plastic with a tone pattern, you lay it over your artwork, and cut off the areas that are to be in the light. I'd forgotten how fiddly it is, and what an unwieldy shape the scalpel cuts.
Still the job is done, and the toner covers up the sins quite nicely..

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