Thursday, 27 May 2010

Mad as a fish

They made it, follow the twitter trail on #boyonabike

My dear friend Andy Black is off to cycle coast to coast with his young son this weekend, it's only 147 miles or so, which is nothing for him as he did Lands end to John O'Groats last year (or the year before?) .. but this is a big deal for Linden.
I wish them the best of luck.
I promised him a sketch to stick on sponsor forms, but events overtook me what with my day job at Becta being closed an' all.. still better late than never.

You can sponsor Linden here:


  1. Excellent picture Rob - and I am sure Andy and Linden will think it was worth waiting for - will pop on and sponsor them when I am near a credit card and will post the link on my facebook in case anyone else has any money to spare :) love Lisa