Friday, 21 May 2010


I've discussed here before how i find it tricky to draw Gurls, there is a delicateness of line, and precision needed that can be dodged and avoided in drawing men..
So this weeks ten ton studio challenge is Elecktra... who has always seemed like the worlds most badly dressed assassin. She's going to catch a chill.
I've had a go and this the pencil sketch.. I post it here because I feel it's not as bad as I anticipated, yet I fear the finality of the inks.
I've just noticed she's almost in the same stance as the Azrael I did last week..and the foots at a wonky angle... and the hair has no boundary.. bah
I need to add some background too, I'm after raked building perspective...

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  1. Nice work. Sort of prefer the pencil version, the fluttering clothey bits in the inked version sort of knocks it off balance for me