Sunday, 11 April 2010


I've been listening to the Dave Gorman podcasts, from Absolute radio, and they are very enjoyable, I am very taken with the whole light hearted approach. Mr Gorman reminds me very much of a dear old fellow I used to share an office with, Danielle does the best Cheryl cole impression ever...I think, though having never heard her speak, I'm not sure how qualified I am to judge.... and Martin, well he comes from East Grinstead, as did I...
Anyway, there's been a darts theme running through the podcast, and I've been struck by the comedy implicit in Darts being taken in any way seriously, so I thought I'd add a little synchronicity to the story over at, by including a darts team made up of some of the pivotal characters in the story...


  1. I like the Dave Gorman podcasts too....very enjoyable listening. He's always good value.

    Who were you thinking of as the office sharer btw??


  2. Mr Pete Jenkins, dead ringer for Mr Gorma, manic grin, insane laugh, etc

  3. I am writing a role for you in the ongoing WychWolf saga, don't hold your breath though