Saturday, 20 March 2010

WychWolf part 1

I've posted the first page of the wychwolf story over on
The Comic Press scripts should make it go live first thing on Monday morning.

This page was actually not the first I drew for the story, but came out of a desire to introduce the characters a little before we rolled into the main story.
For those who are interested, I drew the pencils with a cheap plastic retractable, on some DELETER comic book paper, and then inked using a DELETER Saji dip pen, and Number 4 ink.
Scanned into photoshop elements, as a 600dpi black and white image, coloured, and fiddled around with, before dropping back to 72dpi for the web.
Art supplies from
The pages that follow have been inked and penciled using a variety of different paper and ink, and pen.
I'll try and record what was done with what, so I can pick out the ones that I like best... which at the minute seems to be a Staedtler pigment liner ink fibre tip.

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