Sunday, 14 March 2010

Domain pain

I realised I have only a couple of week to get stuff in place for the UK Webcomix thing, so I bought a couple of domains, and, and signed up for some hosting at Laughing Squid.
The hosting account should be ready by Tuesday, then all I have to do is play the very painful DNS game...
Oh and of course install Wordpress, and the ComicPresstheme, and I guess at some point I'd best finish some of the artwork.

Adam has written a text version of the story to run in parallel with the comic... and reading it makes me want to go back and redraw some of the first pages.. . but I remember hearing Scott Kurtz talking about falling into this trap early in the history of PVP, where he'd constantly redraw and try and get things right. So I guess I have to just get on with it... the story is sound, the artwork will evolve.

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