Sunday, 28 February 2010

Webcomix thing March 2010, getting closer

This weekend was the last call for submissions to the UK webcomix thing anthology.
The theme this year is dinosaurs, I decided to link in my submission to the prologues to the story I'm pulling together for the event: "Wychwolf", and created a very short 2 page skit, about evil nazi scientists being too clever for their own good.
Adam has posted the first of the transcripts of the original prologues, so we are slowly getting there.
Just waiting for Dom to get some dinosaurs drawn.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Webcomix thing March 2010

Just connected up the Google Buzz feed to all my multifarious hoses ... thought I'd do a quick post to see how it works.
So the webcomix thing on 27th March, we have a table, and we have 2 comics.
My effort is Wychwolf, a tale of evil Nazi scientists, medical experiments, and pyramids, in leafy wartime Sussex...with none of the old guff you might find in a Dan Brown howler.
Dom's effort also seems to be slightly Nazi based.. which now I come to think of it is a bit of worry...
Adam is writing a transcript of my story to make the comic more accessible.