Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Comic Thing 2010

Have signed up for a table at Comic Thing 2010,
The idea being that if we have a real point in space and time that we have to get something finished for, it is much more likely to happen. Dom (my younger son, aged 13) is going to help work on the Project.
Adam (my older, feckless teen 16), has offered to write a script for Dom to draw... so it's going to be a family affair.
When we launched "Strange Biros" at the UKCAC 1991, we took along a wad of comics, and sold a few, had a great time talking to other creators... all that and the guys I went with were dressed as characters, Paul as Judge Death, and Adrian, as someone purple...I seem to remember we drove up in Adrian's Classic Ginormous white Merc.
I'm not sure I can rekindled that level of oddness, but it should be a good day out.

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