Sunday, 20 September 2009

Covered again

Another attempt at a cover remix, I thought I'd like to do some sort of 2000AD cover as that was my childhood staple.. but thought I might be able to do it in a steampunk style, as 2000AD is no longer the future. (I can remember when 2000AD was 24 years in the future)
I found a copy of the issue thirteen cover, and to be honest it's a real bodge up, and looks like a bunch of clip art hastily put together... and the text... " From out of my alien head I Tharg bring you the future!"
anyway, I've inked up a page, and it reminds me of Munchkin artwork...scanned it in trying some different setting, to see if I can avoid the antialias trapping problems by working at a higher resolution (600dpi).
Should have it coloured by tomorrow.

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